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We are the leading gas suppliers in Rajasthan we manufacturering all commercial gases like Helium Gas , Oxygen Gas , Nitrogen Gas, Liquid Nitrogen Gas , Argon Gas , Hydrogen Gas , Acetylene Gas , Industrial Gas , Medical Oxygen Gas, Ammonia Gas , Refrigerator Gas , Methane Gas , Carbon Dioxide Gas , all gases available for commercial and industries purpose. We are the largest Gas Manufacturer in Rajasthan. Oxygen Gas Manufacturers in Rajasthan , Helium Gas Manufacturer in Rajasthan , Helium Gas Manufacturer in Rajasthan , Nitrogen Gas Manufacturer in Rajasthan , Carbon Dioxide Gas Manufacturer in Rajasthan , Methane Gas Manufacturer in Rajasthan , Industrial Gas Manufacturer , Argon Gas Manufacturer in Rajasthan.
Ankur Gases, An Industrial Gases Company Founded by Mr. Arun Jain in the year 2000 in the Pink City of India has created its own presence in the special gases industry of Rajasthan. Our products are Gauranteed Against any purity defects. Our Customer Range includes huge genre of MNC's and Govt Navratnas based in and around Rajasthan.  The principle that we have followed since the begining of this company is to provide the best quality and Quantity to the customer. We provide Gases with purities upto 6.0N. Which are amongst the purest form of gases available in India.  Amonst our some of the products we provide are Argon(Commercial, Grade -1, UHP and Spectrometer Grade), Nitrogen(Commercial, High Purity Nitrogen, UHP Nitrogen, Research Grade Nitrogen, Liquid Nitrogen), Helium Gas(Commercial Grade, Grade -1 and UHP Grade Helium Gas, Research Grade Helium), Hydrogen Gas(Commercial Hydrogen, Grade - 1, UHP Hydrogen, research Grade Hydrogen), Krypton 5.5, Neon, Xenon to name a few. With the leading supplier of all Gases
Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4 (one atom of carbon and four atoms of hydrogen). It is a group 14 hydride and the simplest alkane, and is the main constituent of natural gas. Methane is used in industrial chemical processes and may be transported as a refrigerated liquid (liquefied natural gas, or LNG). - The main current chemical usage of methane is the production of synthesis gas (Syngas), H2 and CO via Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) of natural gas. Synthesis gas is then converted into methanol, oxo-alcohols, ammonia and hydrocarbons. Methylhalogenides (e.g. methylchloride), HCN and acetylene are also produced from methane. - Methane is the main component of natural gas, a primary energy resource widely used in the energy sector for the production of heat and/or electricity. Natural gas as compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) are increasingly used as fuels for vehicles to reduce transport emissions and improve air quality. - Methane is a component of a gaseous mixture used for pulmonary function diagnosis test. - Methane is used in calibration gas mixtures for petrochemical industry, environmental emission monitoring, industrial hygiene monitors and trace impurity analyzers. In mixture with argon, methane is used in Geiger counter and in X-ray fluorescence detector as quentching gas. In mixture with other hydrocarbons, methane is used as reference point in calorimetric measurements of hydrocarbons or coal. - Methane provides carbon source to silicon film to adjust the light absorption bandgap in silicon thin film photovoltaics. Ankur Speciality Gases and Technologies provides methane gas in vast purities range. ASGT Methane 99.5% ASGT Methane 99.9% ASGT Methane 99.99% ASGT Methane 99.999%- H2O < 2.0PPm, O2 < 2.0 PPm, N2<5.0 PPm ASGT Methane 99.9995% - H2O < 1.0PPm, O2 < 1.0 PPm, N2<3.0 PPm
Ankur Gases - is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Argon , oxygen, nitrogen from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.Manufacturer of IVF Triple Gas, Fruit Ripening Gas Cylinder & Rare Gases offered by Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.Ankur Gases Ankur Gases Ankur Gases, An Industrial Gases Company Founded by Mr. Arun Jain in the year 2000 in the Pink City of India has created its own presence in the special gases industry of Rajasthan. Our products are Best In Gas industries
Leading Speciality Gases Manufacturers in Rajasthan. Our product range includes calibration Gases, methane, propane, ethylene, Hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, Hcl to name a few. We cam give purities upto 6.0N