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Acetylene is the chemical compound with the formula C2H2. The main use of Acetylene is for localized or manual operations such as welding, brazing, cutting, straightening or heating. Acetylene is Also used as precursor for amorphous carbon hard mask in Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD). It also is a carbon source in some silicon carbo-nitride films. Acetylene is used to lubricate the molds used in glass bottle manufacturing processes. A layer of fine soot is applied onto the glass mold, so that the glass article can be easily separated from the mold after cooling down. Acetylene is used as fuel gas in atomic absorption spectrophotometry. ASGT is Pioneer in Acetylene for AAS. We are the market leader for Acetylene supplied for AAS We provide Acetylene in Following Purities Range ASGT 99.0% - Commercial for welding/brazing ASGT 99.6% - High Purity AAS Lab Grade
ASTEC S3 ASGT is Pioneer in Manufacturing of ASTEC S3 gas which is used for MIG/MAG of Stinless Steel. It is composition of Argon, Helium and CO2 Gas in a specific Ratio.
Liquid Nitrogen in Jaipur Ankur Gases is the Only Manufacturer of Liquid Nitrogen gas in Jaipur. Backed by Experience of Almost 21 years we are the Pioneer in Filling Liquid Nitrogen Gas for Industrial, Food and Medical Usage in Jaipur. The temprature liquid is -196 Degrees. Get your Best deal for Liquid Nitrogen in Jaipur - Call Now 9314648435. Liquid Nitrogen in Jaipur, Liquid Nitrogen in Rajasthan . . .; Buy online @ GasWorld.In
Argon MIG Welding Argon, Helium, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen are the four most common shielding gases used in MIG welding, Helium, like pure Argon, is generally used with non-ferrous metals, but also with stainless steels. Because it produces a wide, deep penetration profile, Helium works well with thick materials, and is usually used in ratios between 25 — 75 percent Helium to 75 — 25 percent Argon. Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies is Pioneer in making mixtures suitable for MIG welding of above mentioned gases. Contact now for your requirement of MIG gases in jaipur. argon gas , argon + CO2 (ACM), co2 (Carbon DiOxide), helium gas in Jaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner, kota, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur. Call 9314648435 now to get dipped into exciting world of fabulous gases.
Argon + Hydrogen Argon mixture with hydrogen is exclusively used for welding austenitic steel by applying TIG method. When using this gas mixture, welding is faster and metal is less deformed and deeper welded. Mixture Ratios 97% Argon + 3% Hydrogen 95% Argon + 5% Hydrogen 92% Argon + 8% Hydrogen 90% Argon + 10% hydrogen ASGT (Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies) is Pioneer in Filling theese type of Shielding Gases for SS Welding. Available Cylinder Sizes are 47 Liter(7M3) and 68 Liter(10 M3) We also can Provide the same cylinders in 200 Bar Working Pressure.
Food grade Nitrogen Gas Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies is Pioneer in Manufacturing Food Grade Nitrogen gas in Jaipur. We have the latest Technologies in our Plant to fill the purest Nitrogen Gas for food articles. Our Food grade nitrogen is widely used in Food Industries to packaging of food Items. Manufacturer of Food Grade Nitrogen in Jaipur. Food Grade Nitrogen is used to throw out impurities from food grade Materials. Food Grade Nitrogen Gas manufacturer in Rajasthan.
Medical Gases in Jaipur Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies is pioneer in Filling and Supplying Medial gases in Jaipur. We are the leading filler and Supplier of Medical Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen gas. Leading Supplier of Medical Air in Jaipur. Leading Supplier of Medical CO2 in Jaipur. Leading Supplier of Medical Liquid Nitrogen in Jaipur. Leading Supplier of Medical Helium Gas in Jaipur. Contact Leading supplier of Medical Gases in Jaipur - 9314648435
Hydrogen gas Ankur gases is pioneer in supplying ultra pure hydrogen gas upto 5.5 N Purity with moisture and oxygen gas less than 1.0 Ppm. Hydrogen gas in jaipur. Lab grade Gases in jaipur. Pure hydrogen in rajasthan. Contact : Akshat Jain @ 9314648438.