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Helium Gas , Best Helium gas Manufacturer in rajasthan Ankur Speciality gases & Technologies is Leading Suppler of Helium Gas in Jaipur. We supply Helium gas in purity 99.999% to 99.9999% Pure. Supplier of Helium Gas in Jaipur, Best Helium gas Manufacturer in jaipur Rajasthan India. Helium is also used as Balloon Gas. Balloon Gas in Jaipur. Contact sms/Whatsapp/Hike/Facetime - 9314648435

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Calibration gases in Rajasthan Ankur Speciality Gases and Technologies is the leading player in manufacturing calibration gases in Jaipur and Rajasthan. Helium Gas Manufacturer in Jaipur Rajasthan, Liquid Nitrogen Manufacturer in Jaipur , Argon Gas Manufacturer in Jaipur, Oxygen Gas Manufacturer in Jaipur Rajasthan , Commercial Gas Manufacturer in Jaipur and All types of Idustrial Gases manufacturer in Jaipur Rajasthan

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Ankur speciality gases a d technologies We at ASGT has a vast experience of industrial and speciality gases business. We are filler of Pure Argon Nitrogen and Oxygen and mixtures jn jaipur. One stop place for all your gaseous needs. Oxygen gas in jaipur. Nitrogen gas in jaipur. Argon gas in jaipur. Helium gas in jaipur. Methane in jaipur. Carbon monoxide gas in jaipur. Hydrocarbon in jaipur. Wishing you a colorful and safe holi.

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High Pressure Gas Regulator Panels Ankur Speciality Gases and Technologies, have diversified itself into High Pressure SS316L Pressure Regulators, Single and Double Stage. We Offer Inlet Pressure from 0 to 230 Bar and Outlet Ranges are 0 to 1 Bar, 0 to 2 Bar, 0-4 Bar, 0-7 Bar, 0 to 10 Bar, 0 to 140 Bar . Argon Gas Pressure Regulator, Helium Gas Pressure Regulator, Nitrogen Gas pressure Regulator, Zero Air Gas Pressure Regulator, Hydrogen Gas pressure Regulator. Gas regulators in Jaipur, Ankur Speciality Gases and Technologies Gas Regulators in Rajasthan, Ankur Speciality Gases and Technologies. Call now to get your best deal for High Pressure Gas Regulators: 9314648435

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Ankur Speciality Gases and Technologies wishes EveryOne a Healthier and Safer New Year. We are committed to a Healthier Environment by Our Mixtures to analyse Pollution. Call now for your requirement of SOx , NOx and CO Mixtures. The leading Calibration Gases manufacturer in Rajasthan. Calibration gases Manufacturer in Jaipur. Call now 9314648435 to get your best offer on Calibration Gases.

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Argon Gas in Jaipur Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies is the Only Manufacturer of Ultra Pure Argon Gas in Jaipur. Spectrometer Grade Argon is our Speciality. Liquid Argon gas in Jaipur. Argon Gas in Rajasthan. Call 9314648435 Now to get your best deal!

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Calibration gases in Rajasthan Ankur Speciality Gases and Technologies is the leading player in manufacturing calibration gases in Jaipur and Rajasthan. Call now for you requirement of calibration gases in Rajasthan. 9314648435

Cylinders Safety - Part 2 Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies always guides you how to attain the best safety precautions while using cylinders, Cylinders with caps are the the most safe way to use the cylinders. When accidentally cylinder falls and when cap is not there it will fly like a rocket. If there is a cylinder safety cap, you are very much safe. Always ask your supplier to provide cylinders with safety caps or Valve Guards. Call Now 9314648435 or drop an email to to get cylinder safety caps

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Compressed Gas Regulators Ankur Speciality Gases & Technologies procures the best in Industry Stainless Steel Regulators in Single and Double Stage ranges from SS304 and SS316 Material Of Construction. We have Regulators with Input Pressure Starting from 20 Bar to 300 Bar and Maximum OutPut Pressure starting from 01 Bar to 140 Bar. We have NIST Certified Regulators for High Precision Applications. So Hurry Up! Dont take Risk for your Expensive Equipments, Just call Us now to Get examined your flow rate and Output Pressure to save your Equipment from Pressure Surge Call Akshat Jain - 9314648435, or Email us @ Now!!

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Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Ankur Speciality Gases & TEchnologies always recommends using Hydrotested Gas Cylinders and use High Quality Gas Safety Equipments alongwith Your Gas Cylinders. Always Keep Cylinders in Vertical Position covered with Safety Cap. Always keep the cylinders chained so that they do not fall. Falling of cylinders could lead to breakage of Valve and could result in Huge Losses in Both Manual as well as Material loss. We provide Consultancy In the field of Cylinder Safety free of Cost so that There could be No Accidents. As a Promotional Offer Just Like Our Facebook Page, Send a Screen Shot of the same to our Inbox and Get a Safety Poster Free of Cost! Hurry Limited Period Offer. Call Now : 9314648435 or drop an Email: